Content :-
  1. Fenugreek Seeds ,Wheat Floor
  2. Jaggery ,Edible Gum
  3. Ghee ,Dryfruit
  4. Black Pepper ,Cardamom
  5. Cinammon ,Dry Ginger ,Nutmeg


Fenugreek is a very underrated Indian herb/spice that has not been given its due credit. Fenugreek is an excellent health supplement to pregnant and lactating mothers. It helps in increasing testosterone naturally without any side effects. It helps in fighting Cancer, Diabetes, Obesity, high Cholesterol, high blood pressure, and Heart conditions, bacterial, fungal and viral infections and is a very good anti-inflammatory food.

Cardamom, Ginger, Cinammon, Black Pepper, Nut Meg aid in digestion, keeps the body cool and helps increase the immunity of the body. Protects against seasonal infections.